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MacOS X version of OpenDX 4.4

How dare you charge for free software!

Why are we selling our version of OpenDX when you could download it free or compile it yourself? The main reason, cost!! We have worked very hard to add the code needed in order to compile OpenDX on MacOS X. That doesn't include the time and effort involved compiling all the support libraries, etc. So we are trying to recoup some of our costs and generate revenue to help us improve OpenDX.

We have also added special features to make OpenDX more Mac like even though it is UN*X based software.

Why is the Window's version Free?

Because Microsoft has invested considerable amounts of money to help us make the Windows version.

What exactly do I get?

You get everything included with an install of OpenDX in a convinient Mac like package. See the screenshot to see what we mean. However; because OpenDX is an X application, you will still need to install and X server.

Will Apple's X11 work with OpenDX

Yes, in fact this is the X-server we recommend.

What's so special about this version as compared to one I can get with fink?

With 4.4, we've packaged OpenDX to run more like a standard MacOS application. You drag-n-drop to install, double-click to launch, or double-click network files to launch the editor.

How much will this cost me?

After the purchase of the CD-ROM or the download version, there is no further costs unless you'd like to purchase some tech support from VIS!

Where do I get it?

It is included on the CD-ROM or is available as a download.

There are limitations.

OpenDX is not a native Mac application. It still requires an X-server in order to operate. You can use Apple's X11 that is included with MacOS X 10.3 and higher.

OpenDX on MacOS X will only operate in single processor mode. A large amount of code would need to be written in order to get shared memory and multiprocessor capabilities working. We may look into this.

The Readme file!

You can view the current Readme file by clicking here.

Required platform

This version of OpenDX requires 10.3.9 or higher. If you need a version for 10.3.8 or lower, please contact us and we can sell you version 4.3.2.

Users have successfully installed and tested version 4.4.4 without any modifications on MacOS 10.6.

Previously, MacOS 10.5's was not compatible with our version of OpenDX. Apple chose to use a new X core with this upgrade which broke a lot of functionality. If you want to use our version of OpenDX with MacOS X 10.5, you can use it by refusing to have X11 upgraded when you upgrade the OS or may be successful by reverting back to the older version of X11. Ben Byer from Apple has posted instructions for installing Tiger's version of X11 on Leopard which should allow OpenDX to run.

What about Universal Binaries?

OpenDX 4.4.4 is a Universal binary.

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